Gerry Alexandre

What are a few highlights thus far being both a Ripple in Resident and the Admissions Coordinator for The Ripple Center?
One of the best advantages of having been both a Ripple in Resident and the Admissions Coordinator is being able to see ideas I’ve written on paper grow into functional systems and practices. It is a tremendous pleasure seeing old plans blossom into new forms. 

Another highlight of working for The Ripple Center is Monday’s at Mike. Every Monday, I get to work at Mike’s house; he always has the most delicious muffins, and a special surprise for lunch. I always welcome the opportunity to try new foods. Working for The Ripple Center has been a breath of fresh hair in an otherwise turbulent time period.

What excites you most about The Ripple Fellowship?
What I love most about The Ripple Fellowship is the opportunity it gives to young entrepreneurs to feed their entrepreneurial spirit. I believe we all have two little voices inside our heads. One likes to go out, and one likes to stay in. One likes to experience new things, and one likes habitual living. Both of them are hungry, and it’s up to us to decide which one to feed. The best way to succeed as an entrepreneur is to feed the new experience voice. You have to be always hungry for new lessons, new opportunities, and new friends. Those of us who feed our entrepreneurial spirit are more likely to be successful entrepreneurs. The Ripple Fellowship feeds my entrepreneurial spirit, and it will feed those who apply as well.  

Favorite TV show?
My favorite TV show is Manifest. Why? Listen to the plot. A hundred people fly on a plane. They experience severe turbulence on this plane. For safety, the pilot decides to land in the nearest airport. But to their surprise, they landed five years in the future. Presumed dead for the past five years, they now have to live in a world that moved on without them, while having special powers to see the future. Go ahead. It’s on Netflix. 

Favorite food?
Potatoes are my favorite food. Mashed? Good! Baked? Good! Fried? Good! So versatile. We should all aim to be potatoes. 

Favorite animal?
My favorite animal is a gazelle. Gazelles are popular prey for cheetahs, lions, and hyenas which are swift, fierce animals. Gazelles aren’t known for their speed or their aggression. So, how do they manage to survive? Rather than speed, gazelles are known for their endurance. If a gazelle can escape a predator’s initial attack, it will easily outpace its predators with its slower, but long-lasting speeds. Projects in life are marathons, not races. Slow and steady always beats quick and rest.